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Department of Cytogenetics

  1. Chromosomal analysis using GTG-banding.
  2. Chromosomal breakage studies using Mitomycin C and Diepoxybutane.
  3. Chromosomal analysis from Bone marrow of patients with haematological malignancies.
  4. High resolution banding to detect chromosome sub-band abnormalities.
  5. Sister chromatid exchanges studies in chromosomal instability patients and Bloom syndrome.
  6. Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) studies in haematological malignancies such as CML, AML,ALL,CLL etc .
  7. FISH studies in patients suspected with genetic diseases.
  8. Investigations
    • Fanconi anemia diagnosis by western blotting (FANCD2 monoubiquitination).
    • Investigations- Fanconi anemia complementational analysis.