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Important Announcement

Dr. Aruna Shankarkumar


Phone: +( 91-22) 2413 8518/19
Fax (Office): +9122 24138521
Department: Transfusion Transmitted Diseases

Academic Background

  • MSc. University of Mumbai (Biochemistry; 1983)
  • PhD University of Mumbai (Biochemistry; 1997)
  • Yoga & Naturopathy University of Mumbai (Yoga, Diet, Naturopathy; 2016)

Professional Experience

  • Mumbai Hematology Group Life member
  • Indian Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine Life member

Research Interests

  • Studying the molecular, proteomic & immunological aspects of Infectious diseases such as HIV, HBV, HCV

Awards & Achievements

  • Poster entitled, “The retrospective study which summarizes the impact of accreditation towards successful headway of National Reference Laboratory (NRL) Mumbai” was presented at PCI workshop, Delhi Dec 2014 and awarded as, ‘Outstanding performance in Quality Assurance in HIV testing and achieving international standard as per ISO 15189’.
    (Awarded “H M Bhatia Memorial Oration Award” in the year 1997.)
  • The National Reference Laboratory for HIV testing, a part of Transfusion Transmitted Diseases Department, NIIH, has been NABL accredited for HIV testing since 23.08.2013.
  • Awarded fellowship to pursue Indo-French collaborative project on Molecular characterization of β- thalassemia by PCR, ASO, Primer synthesis, HPLC at INSERM, Paris from February to August, 1994.
  • Foreign Visits

    1. Posters presented at International Viral Hepatitis Elimination Meeting 2017 held at Amsterdam, Netherlands, 17-18 November 2017:
      1. Significant occurrence of occult hepatitis infection among family contacts of HBsAg positive individuals. Athalye S, Parmar T, Dalal K, Yabaji P, Dalal B, Shukla A and Shankarkumar A.
      2. b. Potential risk of HBV transmission in government blood banks from Maharashtra. Athalye S, Patil A, Shinde S and Shankarkumar A.
    2. ii. Molecular characterization of  thalassemia by PCR, ASO, Primer synthesis, HPLC at INSERM, Paris from 14th February to 14th August 1994.


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Ongoing intramural projects:

  1. Glycosylation of the Serum Haptoglobin-beta – A Potential Biomarker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Due to Hepatitis B Virus.
  2. Pharmacogenomics of Haematological toxicity of Zidovudine in HIV patients.
  3. Differential HCV expression in variable liver pathological conditions.
  4. Additional testing to address false positive and false negative HIV cases.
  5. Study of genetic factors and immune parameters focussing on transmission of HBV in household contacts of classical HBV cases.
  6. To explore immune players in differential clinical conditions of HBV infection.

Ongoing extramural projects:

  1. To determine the prevalence of serological and molecular markers of Hepatitis B virus in voluntary blood donors from Maharashtra region. (funded by National Health Mission, Maharashtra)
  2. A pilot study to evaluate vitamin D as adjuvant in tuberculosis patients in tertiary care hospital in Mumbai.

Research Staff

Transfusion Transmitted Diseases

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Priya Yabaji Ph.D Student
2 Kruti Dalal Ph.D Student
3 Bhavik Dalal Ph.D Student
4 Shreyasi Athalye Ph.D Student
5 Varsha Mohite MSc