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Elispot Reader


It is used to study the effector function of antigen specific T. cells. It is used to study the T cell receptors using specific antigen or peptides. The interferon are can be used as control. The technique is applicable for studying the immune responses in infection diseases such as AIDS, TB, Malaria, and Leprosy etc. Further it can access efficacy of therapy in autoimmune diseases such as SLE. It can be also used to be predict the acceptance of the graft after transplantation and look for the chimeric antibodies specific CTLs. The cytotoxic T Lymphocyte assessment gives the accurate immune response to the specific antigen/epitope tested. The AID ELISPOT Reader (automatic) is used to count the Lymphocyte spot assayed using the ELISPOT technique against the specific antigen /epitope. The reader is provided with the Software to interpret and to analyse the results.