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Important Announcement


  • Simple diagnosis of Glanzmanns thrombasthenia and its carriers. (Applied)
  • Concentration of microfilaria from peripheral blood using a simple technique. (Applied)
  • Development of simple NK Cell assay by flow Cytometry. (Applied)
  • A cell line to study anti viral compounds against some arboviruses for development of antiviral compounds.
  • Developed “Indian-specific PCR genotyping assay” for identification of D variants.
  • A simple POC semi-quantitative test for diagnosis severe von Willebrand disease using gold nanoparticle labelled antibodies (under review with ICMR IPR Dept)
  • RHD gene allele associated with a weak D phenotype and its uses ( Patent filed in Europe on March 8, 2017 under number 17 305246.5.)
  • A Kit For Extended Blood Group Determination And Method Thereof (Patent filed in Jan 2018)
  • A synergistic combination of antimalaial drugs. Patent filed with Patent Office,Govt of India in May 2016 (Patent No.2085/MUM/2015)
  • A Patent has been awarded for “A process for the preparation of  diagnostic kit for detection of b-thalassemia syndromes” by  Patent Office. Govt. Of India in January  2005 (No.194149).    This was submitted by RB Colah, AC Gorakshakar and D. Mohanty  in December 2001