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Real-Time PCR

realtime pcr

Real-time reverse-transcriptase (RT) PCR is an established technique for quantifying mRNA in a given biological sample. The b enefits of this procedure over conventional methods for measuring RNA include its sensitivity, large dynamic range, and the potential for high throughout as well as accurate quantification. Real-time reverse-transcriptase (RT) PCR quantitates the initial amount of the template most specifically, sensitively and reproducibly, and is a preferable alternative to other forms of quantitative PCR that detect the amount of final amplified product at the end-point. It is widely used for detection of viral load, quantitation of gene expression and genotyping as well as verification of Microarray data .

In the Institute we are using the facility for quantifying the level of gene expression in hemoglobinopathies. It is also used for detection of viral load in transfusion transmitted diseases.