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Department of Hematogenetics

Name - Dr. Anita Nadkarni

Degree - Ph.D

Designation - Scientist E

Email -

Degree University Subject Year
Ph.D. Mumbai Biochemistry -
  • Awarded Japanese Govt, Japan Science and Technology's (JST) , STA (Science and Technology Agency) post Doctoral Fellowship for year 2000-2001 in Molecular Biology
  • Received ICMR International fellowship for Bio-Medical Scientist (2011-2012) –Senior grade.
  • BGRC Oration award 38th Annual conference of Mumbai Hematology group 2015
  • 20 best oral/ poster awards in the conferences
Research Teacher University Subject
PhD, MSc. Mumbai Biochemistry
PhD MUHS Medical Genetics
PhD West Bengal Uni. Of Health Sciences Biotechnology
Chairperson Board of Studies in Biochemistry Mumbai -
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  • M Sawant, S Chandrakala, R Colah, K Ghosh, Anita Nadkarni. Does HbF induction of Hydroxyurea work through miR-210 in Sickle Cell Anemia patients? Br. J Haematol (2015) (Accepted)
  • V Pradhan,; H Kemp, M Nadkar, A Rajadhyaksha, ; K Lokhandwala, M Patwardhan Weetman; Anita Nadkarni, K Ghosh,. "Association between the angiotensin - converting enzyme gene insertion/deletion polymorphism and susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus in the Indian population" Scandinavian Journal of Rhematology2015 (Accepted)
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  • D. Upadhye P. Koduri, S. Tarakeshwari, , P. Mehta,  R. Surve,  P. Warang, , P. Kedar,  Anita Nadkarni,  K. Ghosh,  R. Colah.Hb M Hyde Park and Hb M Boston in two Indian families- A rare cause of methemoglobinemia  International Journal of Lab Hematology 2014 Jul 13, doi: 10.1111/ijlh.12281
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  • Molecular Genetics, Hemoglobinopathies, Gene targeting