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Department of Paediatric Immunology and Leukocyte Biology

Name - Dr. Manisha Madkaikar

Degree - MD

Designation - Director

Email -

Degree University Subject Year
MD Mumbai University General medicine 1997
  • Dr. N.C. Kelkar award for standing first in M.D. (General Medicine) examination from Seth G.S. Medical College, Mumbai.
  • 'Associateship for specialized training of young scientists in niche areas of biotechnology' awarded by department of biotechnology under which received training in Molecular Immunology at Institute of Child Health, London under Dr Gaspar. From March-Sept 2007.
  • Awarded BGRC Oration by Mumbai Hematology Group during the annual conference held on 23rd -24th march 2013 and oration delivered: 'Diagnosis of Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders: Our journey so far.'
  • Dr Manisha Madkaikar was awarded "Dr. Armida Fernandez Oration"3ndAnnual CME of Dr. Athavale Foundation & Pediatric Alumni LTMGH (DAFPAL) held on 5th October 2014, at Mumbai. She delivered an oration on 'PID: Navigating Through Uncharted Territory'.
Research Teacher University Subject
PhD Mumbai University Applied Biology
M.Sc Mumbai University Applied Biology
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  • Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders, Heamatological Malignancy, Marrow failure syndrome, Flow Cytometry, Molecular Biology