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Important Announcement


Research for the benefit of the common man.

Research to advance the frontier of knowledge. 

Science for humanity.


To develop cost effective technologies for the diagnosis and management of haematological disorders.

To develop core-competence in the cutting edge areas of Haematology research like Stem Cell Biology, Molecular Biology etc and other related areas.

To help in the research and development of plasma based or recombinant therapeutic products with Pharmaceutical companies through public – private partnership.

To develop manpower with expertise in the field of various areas of Haemtology and Transfusion Science through M.Sc, Ph.D programmes summer training for students, short term trainings , DM, and training facilities for different Medical Colleges in the country in areas of public health importance.

To develop modules of interactive research with other ICMR and non ICMR Institutes, to solve haematological challenges of national importance i.e thalassemia, nutritional anemia, viral disorders causing haematological complications.

To develop basic research programmes to understand physiology and biology of different haematological disorders.

To develop satellite centres across the country for study of haematological disorders.